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                 Smt. Jasuben R. Kotwal

When it comes to preparing for the competitive examinations for public services, the most important tool one has to have is good, authentic & reliable books. When it is about preparing for the national level examinations, there is a good number of books in English language that are readily available and are trustworthy as well but when it is about preparing for the state level examinations, there is great dearth of faithful literature in Gujarati language for preparing General Studies & Optional subjects. It was with the intention of filling this vacuum that SAMVIDHAAN Publications was founded in the year 2015. Face of competitive exams’ material in Gujarat has to change in these times of fierce competition and SAMVIDHAAN Publications feels gratified in becoming pioneer in the process.

SAMVIDHAAN Publications is committed to provide the best quality material for competitive exams. So far its sphere has been limited to Gujarati language only, but in the times to come it has vision to expand the horizons and provide the material in English language too.


Our upcoming Creation :

a comprehensive guide to Science & Technology for GPSC Class 1/2 & DySO/Dy Mamlatdar exams


Our Creations so far :



The first book that was published in the year 2015 under the aegis of SAMVIDHAAN Publications was “Bharat nu Bandharan – Ek Rashtra ni Samhita” (The Constitution of India – A Nation’s Code) on the day father of the Constitution of India, Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkarji, was born i.e. 14th The book gives lucid narration of the Constitution of India in interactive language.


The next book published in the series was one titled “Jaher Vahivat”(Public Administration) in the year 2016. The book is meant for all those aspirants who have Public Administration as their optional subject & also for those who find Public Administration as a subject in their General Studies’ question paper in the examinations like GPSC Class 1 & 2 Mains, Commercial Tax Officer etc.


An innovative measure was undertaken by SAMVIDHAAN publications when it published the chart of the Constitution of India in Gujarati language. All the articles & schedules of the Indian Constitution are put in a single chart in a very brief manner. This chart is meant to decorate the walls of rooms of aspirants who want to feel Constitution every now & then.


One more chart created was on Indian Penal Code. This chart was specifically meant for the aspirants who are preparing for PSI/ASI/Constable Examinations.

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  1. Hi sir Indian economic for gpsc mate tamara publication ni book avi che ?? In Gujarati medium

      1. Sir Constitution of second edition j latest che k pachi koi edition avyu che ?

        GPSC no syllabus ama avi jse k koi topic rhi jse ?

        1. Second edition is the latest edition. We have tried to cover the GPSC syllabus in the book in a comprehensive manner…

  2. Sir when will u publish a book about Indian economy. U had said the same book will be published shortly almost 1 month ago.

  3. sir indian economy ni book nu edition 2017 che . to navi book aavani che 2018 edition ni k 2017 vadi j latest che ? ane jo aavse to kyare aavse ? i m preparing for dy.mamlatdar so is it helpful for economics portion ?

    1. for now, we have this edition only. It covered good number of questions in GPSC 1-2 prelims. You may decide accrodingly.

  4. sir please ,Indian economics ni book descriptive chhe k objective ? and
    gpsc class 1 2 mains na topic covered kre chhe?

  5. સર
    પીએસઆઇ પરીક્ષામાં જે કાયદાઓ પુછાય એના માટે આપનું એકેય પ્રકાશન ખરું જેમાં તે બધા કાયદાઓ એકજ બુક માં આવી જતા હોય….?

    1. હાલ પૂરતું નથી. ભવિષ્યમાં તૈયાર કરીશું, પરંતુ તેમાં વધુ સમય લાગશે.

  6. sir i want to buy “jaher vahivat ane niti shastra” but out of stock che in almost stores to kai rite buy karu sir ?

    1. નવી આવૃત્તિ તૈયાર થઈ રહી છે. થોડો સમય લાગશે.

  7. Sir lok prashashan ane nitishastra je update ma se te ketla time ma available thase reply fast

  8. How to download the chart of “The Constitution Of India” comprising all the articles as mentioned above in book section. As you said in one of the reply that Sign up first. Even after sign up/sign in there isn’t any “download” option available.

  9. Hi sir apni bhartiy arthvyavtha and science & technology main exam books kyay malti nathi….kyarthi malse….

  10. sir jaher vahivat ane niti shastra ni book new edition or old edition kyarthi madse? ane science and technology ni book pan out of stock che

  11. How to download or purchase book sir can you plzz help to solve these query i want to purchase book of constitution

  12. I need to buy book of indian constitution. Have you published latest edition of that? If not then when will it be published sir..??

  13. Sir aap ni app 6e android ma ama sir bandharan ane jaher vahivat na badha toic aavi jay 6e GPSC 1-2 na?
    GPSC 1-2 prilime mate aaikita Bajaniya ni kayi latest book purchase karavi tenu list aapso plz sir.

    1. Yes Nikita, all the important topics have been covered. In Public administration, we couldn’t upload some videos due to this lockdown. But as the lockdown ends, we shall complete it…

    1. બંધારણની ચોથી આવૃત્તિ લોકડાઉન પછી પ્રકાશિત થશે. જાહેર વહીવટનું પુસ્તક ઉપલબ્ધ છે…

  14. When book of Polity available…please make it available as soon as possible sir..please..

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