Lectureship, Authorship & now Blog-ship!!! One made way for another

If it were not to be  for that zeal of becoming an alternative(a Vikalp) to the way education is to be imparted in this exploitative environment of preparations, this destination would not have been even in distant dreams. Beginning with the lectureship, it advanced to authorship to present an alternative to the prevalent modes of preparation which actually made my lectureship complementary to authorship. While this couple was flourishing, it thought of having an offspring called www.vikalpkotwal.org where both of them can come out with their best.

Teaching and writing have mysteriously energized me so far and that is where  I have tried to make students feel that ‘learning too can energize’. This vitality, this force, this passion have played a role in the conceptualization of this endeavour. The so called norms of professionalism in teaching & writing are unknown to me or I should say they are knowingly unknown to me. At the very inception of this project I am proclaiming this is because I don’t want us here to fit into any stereotype any time in the future. Let’s do something new, let’s try something different, let’s find novel avenues, let’s be more articulate. It takes time but we know it must.


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